Digital tools for increasing awareness
and improving quality of life


Our values

Ethical awareness

We make conscious ethical decisions and strive for responsible practices in our work and our business


We strive to create the products that increase awareness on sustainability, and create sustainable practices in our own work and business


We are constantly learning, improving and gaining more knowledge, and help others to do the same through our products

We are young game and software startup working to bring welfare and common good to society. We develop digital tools for increasing awareness and well-being. We aim for growing our business with a sustainable and ethical approach.


Products in development


Couch talk

Learn to understand psychological defence mechanisms in yourself and others with Couch Talk, a mobile game where you'll find out more about how our minds work under pressure.

Nabe - sustainable
choices made easier

Be a part of the green revolution with Nabe, a mobile application for suppliers and users to try out new sustainable products.

Client projects

We create motivating, fun learning games tailored to our client's educational needs. Contact us to discuss your ideas and wishes, and we'll help you to realise them!

Harold - educational
mobile game for life

Guide Harold the giraffe through a dreamscape
where he learns about healthy
and not so healthy decisions.

Awareness recreated in social media


Awareness recreated team

We are a multidisciplinary and agile bunch of developers. Our founder has her background in IT and psychology, and she has gathered around her a team of talented professionals working with software development, game design, graphic design, screenwriting, IT management, analytics, sales and marketing.


Kaisa Mäkelä

Kaisa is a long term IT-professional with experience in team leading and project management. She is enthusiastic about helping this world and the people in it through technology. Whenever she has time to spare, Kaisa loves to go geocaching or room escaping.


Stefan Kajanus

Our CEO Stefan manages sales, marketing, financing and business development with vision and experience. He's really into new technology that can help people and the environment. On his free time Stefan loves to cook juicy Italian dinners for his family and friends.

Writer / Content provider

Saara Honkanen

Saara has her background in screenwriting, and works in the team as a game writer and content provider. Saara loves video games and Lindy Hop dancing, and she drinks too many cups of tea a day.

Research / Data Management / Business Development

Anjuska Kyllönen

Our multidisciplinary specialist Anjuska has experience in research and teaching, business development, and board responsibilities. Anjuska speaks five languages, of which she especially loves French. Her passions also include singing and beatboxing.

Graphic Designer / Game Artist

Päivi Lindell

Päivi, our graphic designer, is to thank for the look of our games and apps as well as our other visual material. She has a fun, fresh, cartoon-like style, which she incorporates both in her work and in her street art.

Game Designer / Programmer

Timo Mäki

Timo, our game and software designer is interested in technological advancements, and especially how they are utilized in games and gamified apps. You might have guessed he's also passionate gamer.

Software Developer / Technology Researcher

Ivan Feofilaktov

One of our newest team member, Ivan, has jumped fight in to develop our games, apps and website. Ivan reads everything he can about Internet technologies with great interest, but is is also a passionate musician and plays three different instruments!

Contact us

Feel free to contact us for
co-operation or any questions or comments! Let's keep in touch!

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CEO, partner
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